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The ‘Project’ can be an easy dragon to slay!

The final unit of the AAT Technician can seem daunting. But is it as bad as it seems? Apparently not says Irene Stevens pictured below with Mark Jackson, partner in charge of training at Rawlinsons, one of the area’s leading firms of Accountants.

Now is the best time you’ll ever have to finish off that final project! The new AAT courses replaced the previous NVQ structure in September 2010 and time is running out before your previous units may be affected meaning you won’t qualify to complete. Now is your chance to slay that dragon and complete your final unit. Don’t lose your chance to get your MAAT! It is just £299 to complete your AAT course with an average commitment of 4 hours per week. You can even work from home to complete this unit. Transition from other providers is easy and remember that the ‘Project’ is a prerequisite to further study. Irene’s story is a great example of how simple it could be to complete the ‘Project’ with Anglia Accountancy Training’s help.